Bhutan is a small and extremely divine country, which sits between the autonomous Tibetan region controlled the north-eastern Himalayas. A country that is predominantly mountainous, Bhutan has geographical and cultural diversity and diversity to carry travelers, who are willing and willing to offer them.


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14 Dishes You Must Try While In Bhutan

Famous Food In Bhutan

Bhutan is unique in more ways than one. Apart from being home to majestic valleys and the most picturesque mountains, it also has a very interesting cuisine to offer. What the Bhutanese are essentially in love with is spice which comes across so boldly in a variety of their dishes. Vegetarian tourists could breathe a sigh of relief about their food options. What is interesting to note is that despite the existence of many popular meat-based dishes, a significant number of Bhutanese people are vegetarians.

Ema Datshi - Stew made of Chillies and Cheese
Jasha Maroo or Maru - Spicy Chicken Stew or Curry
Suja - Bhutanese Butter Tea
Zow Shungo - Veggie Dish
Zow Shungo - Veggie Dish
Puta - Buckwheat Noodles
Hoentay - Fried Momos
Red Rice - Staple Food of Bhutan
Phaksha Paa - Pork with Red Chilies
Ara - Traditional Alcoholic Beverage
Jaju Soup - Traditional Bhutanese Soup
Jaju Soup - Traditional Bhutanese Soup
Momos - All the way from Tibet
Khatem - Fried Bitter Gourd

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