Bhutan is a small and extremely divine country, which sits between the autonomous Tibetan region controlled the north-eastern Himalayas. A country that is predominantly mountainous, Bhutan has geographical and cultural diversity and diversity to carry travelers, who are willing and willing to offer them.


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Happiness Philosophy

The 4 major aspects of Gross National Happiness are:

1. Equitable and equal socio-economic development:

On the quest for attaining the GNH, Bhutan does not overlook the country’s economic development. Rather it seeks to maintain equilibrium between spiritual and economic development. The notion of Gross National Happiness has immensely encouraged development and helped the attainment of happiness as the essential philosophy of life in Bhutan. GNP has highly influenced self-reliance and contentment and has eventually reduced the gap between the rich and the poor. Besides, it led to the empowerment of the citizens as well.

2. Preservation and promotion of cultural and spiritual heritage:

Cultural and spiritual heritage is the essence of human values and beliefs that are of endless importance and meaningful for the sustainable growth. Thus, it is crucial for the tiny kingdom like Bhutan to preserve them as a sense of identity in the rapidly changing world. The spiritual beliefs and environment promote primary values like kindness, tolerance, love, respect, for the peaceful co-existence between nature and mankind.

3. Conservation of the environment:

This small country has bigger commitments when it comes to conservation of the environment. With a thriving strategy guided by Buddhist morals, Bhutan has taken a major step to conserve the environment by embracing the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Conservation of environment with GNH is evident from the fact that Bhutan owns Asia’s largest protected areas, native wildlife, and the country’s 60% of the land is under forest cover.

4. Good governance which is interwoven, equal, and steady:

One of the most precious endeavors is an individual’s quest for happiness and freedom. By embracing the philosophy of GNH, the last Buddhist kingdom is committed to establishing the government that emphasizes on well-being and the happiness of the citizens. Focusing on the country’s strong ancient society and the genuine merits of the democracy, the government continues to lead the country towards achieving that vision of fruitful and better administration.

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