Bhutan is a small and extremely divine country, which sits between the autonomous Tibetan region controlled the north-eastern Himalayas. A country that is predominantly mountainous, Bhutan has geographical and cultural diversity and diversity to carry travelers, who are willing and willing to offer them.


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We also provide valuable suggestions, useful information, and we show you places and sites that you might not find in the guidebook. The duration and route of each tour is always for customers. On request, we can arrange convenient accommodation for all different categories, however, the customer certainly always takes the different components of each trip in his or her hands as he/she wishes.

  • Business definition: We are developing a site to introduce people to Bhutan and get them interested in visiting. will have tips and tricks for planning a trip to Bhutan as well as information that may be useful while in Bhutan. The site will have links to tours such as
  • MOA: There are a few sites that also offer information about Bhutan and trip packages / tours. Unlike most of them, we are completely focused on Bhutan and helping those visiting our site learn more about the country to have the best experience there. Our biggest competition would be from the country’s own site and companies offering travel packages to/in Bhutan. Our model differs from competitors by providing unbiased information for viewers, as we are not encouraging a particular trip.
  • Target audience: people who are retired / have the time & money to travel to Bhutan
  • Social media: focus on FaceBook, because this is the social media platform that is used the most by our target audience
  • We will reserve the names to other social media platforms too


  • We would like to hire someone to develop our site.
  • We would also like your favorite pictures/videos/time lapse of Bhutan you could provide.

We would like information that you have on tourism/places to see in Bhutan, so that we can narrow our research down to the top attractions.

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